Out of the Blue Half Moon Retreat



Life can be difficult to navigate and understand alone. Out of the Blue Half Moon Retreat is a holistic Health Center providing clarity and insight into health, situations, people, and paths that make their way into your life. If you have a particular question or are unclear about your health and life, you'll find a session with Donna incredibly freeing, informative, and healing.


Holistic Health is working with mind, body and spirit, the whole human experience. Taking responsibility for your health is the first step in bringing together the whole You.

Health Counseling

Helping you with your health goals offers the support needed to keep you on track.

Body Work
 Medical Qi Gong

Easy  movements improve strength , balance and health

Health Coaching

I work with you to balance body, mind and spirit.

Energy Balancing

Balance and increase your energy for a better emotional and physical state.


Education will set you free. Health, Art, Music, Aroma are some of the workshops offered throughout the year


Massage, Health Coaching & Qi Gong


Massage, Reflexology, Detox Clay Wraps, Energy Balancing